BizFund is an established, fast growing, alternate business funding solution, for small to mid-size businesses. Based in New York, with offices across the globe, we are excited to bring our 10 years of business funding expertise and resources to the Canadian market.

As our tag line says, we are loyal to you and your growth. We value our partners and merchants, and stand behind every investment from start to finish, whether funds are being used for inventory, upgrades, expansion, human capital/wages, and/or marketing to name a few - we will partner with you for the duration of the funding.

We Understand the Needs of Business Owners Just Like You

  • Giving Merchants a Second Chance

    BizFund, as a provider of Merchant Cash Advances, is not as concerned with the credit history of the small business as we are on your more recent and current path. We understand that all businesses go through economic struggles. If you experienced hardship and had some late payments a few years ago, this does not automatically disqualify you from receiving an MCA.
  • Capital for Seasonal Operations

    If you own a business that relies on the changing seasons, you also might not have a consistent cash flow. At BizFund, we understand that your cash flow will do just that – flow – but perhaps at different rates than more traditional businesses. An MCA might be the perfect way to infuse some extra cash into your business right before your busy season starts.
  • Freedom

    Not only are you free from waiting for approval and cash access, but you get the freedom of choice with an MCA from BizFund. Traditional loans often require detailed compilations of what you will be spending the money on and from which vendors you will access the products or services. When you get a Merchant Cash Advance, you get the freedom to choose how to best use that capital to improve your business.