How to Acquire and Refine a High Quality List of Leads

Putting together a list of leads is often crucial to the success of any ISO.

After all, cold calling and cold email outreach require a lot of time and manpower. Also, these often lead to a low response rate that can damage your business. Hence, using a high-quality call list or email list will save you time and money.

But how do you select the most useful resources? Where do you start?

This article covers some resources that could help you create a valuable list of leads that fits your business model. Also, it will show youthe best ways to refine the list you already have. After all,your goal is to increase your response rate as much as possible, right?

Getting Started

There are two ways you can reach your potential clients. One is to rent or buy a list of leads from a reputable provider. The other option is to create a list of your own.

Many ISOs prefer to buy or rent a list rather than create one. After all, list providers have more resources than you do. This gives them a wider reach.

In many cases, buying or renting is the quickest and most effective option. However, there are many scams out there. How do you know which list providers to trust?

  • The Price of the Service Is a Good Indicator of Quality
    Creating a quality call list or email list is a serious investment. That is why it’s better to avoid providers who offer lists at extremely low prices. They probably skipped some of the work required to make a quality list.
  • Choose a Provider Who Offers Guidance and Extra Resources
    It is an excellent idea to go for providers who offer education as a part of their service. After all, a list of names isn’t enough for success. You want to gain experience and to learn how to improve your strategy.Look for providers that offer webinars and other resources. This is especially important if don’t have any experience with establishing contacts.
  • Pay Attention to the Quality of the Customer Service
    You want to work with a provider who pays attention to your needs. Avoid working with anyone who comes across as evasive or unhelpful.
  • Your List Should Cover Niche Markets
    A specialized list of leads is far more useful than a general one. Instead of contacting every small business, you might want to find a niche market for your services. Make sure that your provider is willing to work with you under these conditions.
  • Choose a Provider Who Offers Flexible Usage
    Refining your list is an important part of improving your business practice. You also want to make sure that you never run out of names.

Hence, you should choose a provider who offers a subscription plan. Over time, they should be willing to alter the list, updating and improving it for you.

How to Refine and Cultivate a List

Lists are dynamic. They should change and improve over time. Here is some more information about refining your list of leads.

  • Organize Your List
    First, it is important to organize your list and break it down into smaller parts. After all, there are significant differences between your contacts. It’s useful to break it down by niche, as you may need to alter your approach when necessaryYou can also segment your list of leads by the value of your contact. Group big companies together and prioritize them over small businesses.
  • Use Social Media
    Using your list will become more convenient when you look into the options that social networks have to offer. It is simple to upload your list and get connected to the network profiles of all your potential contacts. This will give you another way to establish contact.
  • Don’t Let the List Stagnate
    You should keep in mind that having a high-quality list of leads is only the beginning. Adding to your list is a natural part of the process. Removing dead ends will make your work much easier.

Trustworthy Resources

Which company should you choose if you want to purchase a list of leads?

SalesGenie is a popular option, and InsideView is a reputable provider as well. D&B Hoovers is another viable option.

All of these providers will let you select your target niche. They are big-name companies with ample experience.

While these providers are fairly costly, they are reliable and trustworthy. You can also start with a free trial before you decide to use these sites.

But there are some other possibilities as well. Creating your own list could hit your business model better. So where do you start looking?

You can acquire a LinkedIn premium account and use the advanced search option to find business owners in your niche. Searching for contacts may take a while, but it is fairly straightforward.

If you want to focus on local businesses, look into a chamber of commerce in your place of residence. This is usually very affordable or completely free. Industry conferences and associations are a useful option too.

How Big Should Your List Be?

The answer depends on the nature of your ISO.

If you intend to work with small businesses, you will need an extremely lengthy list. Consider a range of 30,000 to 50,000 names per year.

But if your list targets specific niches, 10,000 names could be enough for one year.

The rules are a little different for making huge deals. There is more work involved, and the rewards are higher. You might be able to make do with 5,000 names a year.

A Word of Warning

Purchasing a list has one significant downside. It makes it more complicated to use email when you contact potential clients.

Many email marketing providers will shut down your account if you use a purchased list. Your domain could even get blacklisted. So be careful about terms of service and make sure to prioritize the safety of your ISO over convenience.

Various US and State laws regulate certain email and telephone marketing methods.  Be sure you are aware of these rules when you start to market using your customer lists.

A Final Word

In order to make full use of your list of leads, you should try to cultivate a positive relationship with the people you contact. Many ISOs make the mistake of trying to close on the very first call. This approach rarely brings the desired results.